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Mobile Legends1 month agoJack.Tsai.GG

Reinforcement incoming! Lemon and VYN is back to RRQ Hoshi for MPL Indonesia S13

Lemon and VYN, Two of RRQ Hoshi's legends, are back to reinforce the team's campaign in MPL Indonesia Season 13.

Two of the most influential players of RRQ Hoshi's legacy returns to help the team's campaign back on track to glory. Lemon and VYN are set to join the team's main roster for Week 4 of MPL Indonesia S13 onward. Now, RRQ Hoshi will have nine players in their squad for MPL Indonesia Season 13 if there are no more changes.

The team for RRQ Hoshi in MPL Indonesia Season 13 are:

VYN left the former runner-up of The M1 World Championship in May 2023 to join Bigetron Alpha. Back then, his departure was because he felt his career was stagnating. He needed a new environment to advance his momentum.

After almost a year of being part of Bigetron Alpha, he has returned to bolster RRQ Hoshi's rank once more when they need something to improve their performance in the league.

If VYN was returning from another team, Lemon reverted his inactive status to active after a 3-month rest. The Alien is back to help RRQ Hoshi, once more, in their campaign to secure a playoff spot.

With both of RRQ Hoshi's legends back, The team can accommodate them to the main lineup by benching Brusko for VYN and Clayyy or Donn for Lemon. 

If we are looking at recent performance, Brusko will likely be benched for VYN while he's improving his communication with the team. If we are referencing the video from RRQ Hoshi's YouTube Channel, Lemon will most likely play in the midlane.

RRQ Hoshi is placed 8th right now with 2 wins and 3 losses. The only team below them was EVOS Glory with 1 win and 3 losses. Coincidentally, both teams recruited a new coach this season and both of them were from the Philippines.

Now, both of the teams have a new roster to boost their position in the league. EVOS Glory fielded a new lineup consisting of former EVOS Holy players. It is interesting to see whether RRQ Hoshi will field a new lineup also for the next week.